We provide the following pool services. Openings, closings, liner repairs/replacements,above ground pool wall repairs, pool system repair/replace, weekly pool maintenance

Above Ground Pool Opening Prices
Up to 21’ - $175.00
24’ to 30’ - $205.00
15’x24’ to 15’x30’ - $215.00
16'x32' to 18'x33' - $230.00

In Ground Prices
Up to 18'x36' - $300.00
Up to 20'x40' - $320.00
Up to 20'x45' - $350.00

What's included.
-Your water will be treated with chlorine, shock treatment and algaecide.
-We will remove and fold your pool cover.(If no one is home, the cover will be folded and left on the side of your pool)
-We will re-assemble your filter and pump for use if it was disassembled at prior year closing.
-We will start up your filter system and light the pilot on your heater if you have one.(If the heater cannot be started at opening, a service call will be required and billed at time and material.) DE filters will be filled with DE if needed.
-Installation of ladders, diving boards, fill spout, skimmer baskets and return fittings.

Please Note
All covers must be free of water and debris or there will be an additional charge of $60.00 per 30 minutes for removal  of water and/or debris.
Baquacil chemicals are not included in the pool opening price. We recommend having Baquacil chemicals on hand or make arrangements with us to provide them at the time of opening.
Vacuuming is not included with opening service. If a vacuuming service is needed, it is the customer's responsibility to schedule the return visit which will be an additional charge.
-It is very common for pools with covers that have fallen in or mesh covers to be completely green or algae infested. We will add additional checmical treatments to help clear the water at an additional cost. This is also true for pools that were closed improperly.